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Leza McLeod started training as a goldsmith many moons ago in the summer of her nineteenth year. It was a natural progression from years of doodling, painting and drawing to working with her hands. She served her apprenticeship under not one but two journeymen, the precisely talented Mark Whitehorn and the talentedly precise Francois De Villiers. And when I say she served under them, I mean under! They worked her like a dog and if it hadn't been for their frequent all expenses nights out she would never had survived, and neither would have they. Leza was lucky enough, over the years, to have been exposed to all types of jewellery projects. From ten carat solitaire diamond rings to painstakingly crafted diamond tennis necklaces, with a few sculptures thrown in for good measure. Apart from taking three years off to travel and study drama she has worked for 17 years at perfecting her craft to suit her obsessively critical eye. For the past four years she has been running her own business, launching her own contemporary Sterling Silver range and since August 2006 running a small school to teach people the correct technical way to make jewellery. Specialising in Edwardian and Victorian reproduction there's not much about gold-smithing that Leza does not know, and if there is something she'll be sure to teach herself in two days... maximum!

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South Africa

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